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Our Promise

This is very important to us as we started in shops that did not hold themselves to a set of standards.  Our promise is our standard.


We will do everything in our power to provide adequate communication regarding your order.  Everything from receipt of order to confirmation of parts being sent to coaters, you will hear from us.  One thing we are sure of and that is we like surprises even less than you.  You will be informed every step of the way.

On Time Delivery

We strive to complete every order on time.  Sometimes there are circumstances outside of our control and from the minute we know the order may be late, we will contact you.  We will also do everything in our power to keep orders from being late.  Scheduling properly and being honest with our customers is one of our top priorities so rest assured, if your order is with us it will be on time.


We strive for perfection on each and every job.  We go out of the way to do our best to keep tolerancing near the mean.  Just because we have plus or minus .01", doesnt mean we are even going to think about letting it get that far out.  All of our jobs have quality inspection reports and copies are provided for every order.  This is swiss production and we can hold incredible tolerances without too much difficulty.  If there is an issue, you have our word that we will make it right and correct the issue to prevent it from happening again.

Our Promise: FAQ
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